Impairment while the Muslim point of view: an intro for rehab and health professional

Impairment while the Muslim point of view: an intro for rehab and health professional


Laura Cohon Shaikh attained her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Harvard school, then been to the college of Michigan hospital School in Ann Arbor. This woman is presently completing their residency in bodily medicine and rehab at Schwab Rehabilitation medical facility in Chicago.

We hope that the book of that monograph will provide enhanced impairment business for Muslims with disabilities in america.

John H. material, Ph.D., manager core for International Rehabilitation analysis Help and advice and trade (CIRRIE ) television series Editor

Salmans, S. (2007). “Muslims in America.” Confidence, 10(3), 10-15.

Acknowledgements (Rooshey Hasnain)

Bless you are caused by the individual’s and couples that amply shared his or her opinions and thinking about handicap factors. The details the two given add greatly to expertise in complex issues that face Muslims with disabilities, both locally and throughout the world.

Special thanks drop by folks that offered expert expertise. Lance Laird amply revealed his or her own reports on Muslims and disability and provided appropriate expertise and tools. As well, Aqil Sajjad and Imam Yucel offered information about handicap and health within the cultural and spiritual points of view.

Several others gave specific service. Rabia Khehr furnished constructive commentary. M. kilometers supplied complete and extremely beneficial critical information and critiques of earlier versions. Martha Ann Jezewski and Paula Sotnik received me to the national brokering platform therefore central for this jobs. Shakil Sattar, an undergraduate graduate at UMass spent his own time and does koreancupid work energy to produce a map associated with the Muslim globe like the inner address with this monograph.

Particular assistance originated many others. Helen Snively helped tremendously in refining, tailoring, and doing this services. Jon Queijo provided important service and enter during the entire project. Kathleen Wisniewski provided continual help in yanking collectively our edits and mention.

Basically, I acknowledge my dad, Riaz Hasnain, who may have usually encouraged us to bring one step that change lives in the schedules of others. This monograph is actually one step in this movement; hopefully it serves as a catalyst to create public recognition and analysis to issues of disability and rehabilitation experiencing Muslim everyone and households towards center.

In the end, really unique because of John material that reinforced the actual concept and continuing growth of this monograph for that CIRRIE series considering the fact that very little bit has-been published here. We can’t say thank you to him or her enough for doing this opportunity.

Basic Principles

Planning and Purpose of the Monograph

This monograph offers an overview of and a review of a broad spectrum and range of Muslims with handicaps and chronic medical conditions exactly who sourced from many different experiences and situations. The point given here additionally highlights larger problems of human right. Because of the current immigration trends in the United States, it is crucial that companies process across cultures and methods helping Muslims gain access to handicap and health care business and guides within communities. Over time, service experts and researchers have come to notice that people who have impairments and health conditions don’t invariably keep the exact same fitness notions, understandings, objective, and concerns being the providers the two encounter (Ali, Fazil, Bywaters, Wallace, & Singh, 2001). The result is an intercultural gap in learning between clientele and firms which will end up in a bad cures or rehabilitative result. This monograph uses the keywords clientele, customer, and client interchangeably to denote those attempting impairment providers, health related work, or both. We all highlight that to link the gap between Muslim provider people and common U.S. program devices, providers in handicap and rehabilitation programs need to improve their awareness and capacity to allow for differences between her services while the requires of their customers.

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